20 Nov

Props to Jazzy for the title.

Yes, folks, I’ll be heading to the University of Sussex in Brighton, England next semestre. Update your address books!

I got an e-mail confirmation, but I still haven’t received the official acceptance letter in the mail. I blame the USC mail service…unless the postal service just plain sucks in L.A., but I doubt it could be that bad. I still haven’t gotten my December issue of Nintendo Power…and it should have arrived 5 days ago, at the latest. It’s particularly frustrating when my Netflix movies arrive days late, because I’m not getting what I pay for (not to mention the tax imposed on them in California. Bah!) At least at home they arrive on time, tax-free.

Speaking of Nintendo, though…I am regrettably lacking a Wii at the moment. Despite the good intentions of my parents to obtain one in New Hampshire so I wouldn’t have to wait in line out here in South Central (and possibly be shot), they were unable to get one. While I would have liked to play it during Thanksgiving break, I suppose I can wait until Christmas. God, I just want to touch that thing. And play Zelda. Oh yeaaaah.

Anyway, I’m quite looking forward to going to Sussex. And walking around the downs… (not Watership)

And I can’t wait to travel during Spring Break. It’s gonna be wicked pissah.

My only trepidation is that I won’t get the classes I asked for. One of the alumni said she didn’t get her top 3 choices. Ack. Well, I’ll have time to figure things out once I get there. I’ll be leaving January 3rd (a short winter vacation this year 😦 ) .

Despite what everyone says about the rain in England, I’ve found out that it rains significantly less in Sussex than it does in New Hampshire! The average yearly precipitation in Bristol is about 42 inches, while in Brighton it’s only 30 in. So while the Californians from USC will be complaining about the rain, the grey skies, and the cold, I’ll be happy with my relatively warm winter. Although I would prefer snow. I love the cold…it’s the heat that I hate (heh, aspiration and alliteration. Well, now that makes assonance).

I’ll get my taste of winter when I go home in December. Just need to get through the rest of the semester. Oy. Definitely looking forward to going home for Thanksgiving this week, despite the potentially horrendous situation at the airport and the horrendously long flight.

Tomorrow I will recite “Le loup et l’agneau”, “Demain, dès l’aube”, and “Correspondances” for my French ‘final.’ Should be pretty easy. I recorded myself reciting “Demain, dès l’aube” earlier today.

As for my youtube video du jour, here is Marie Carmen’s version of “L’aigle noir”, featured recently in my French music discussion on the Jedi Council:

Marie-Carmen – L’aigle noir

Now, off to watch Heroes!


One Response to “SUS53X!”

  1. angie 11 December 2006 at 08:34 #

    Hey I chanced upon your blog! I am going down to University of Sussex for Spring and Summer Terms! 🙂 and nope, i didnt get all my chooices for my modules too.

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