29 Nov

In order to have a proper Thanksgiving, I went back to where it all began. Although, at home, turkey and sweet potatoes aren’t festive delicacies…they’re dietary staples. After all, why do people eat cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving? What would seem like a rather arbitrary dish makes perfect sense when you consider all the cranberry bogs there are back home, especially in Massachusetts. I present exhibit A:

Click here for a larger image.

All of those cranberry bogs that can be seen from space are located in Plymouth County, Massachusetts (does the sauce make sense now? I wouldn’t be surprised if that photo was taken around Thanksgiving time, in fact, seeing as how all the deciduous trees are dead and brown).

So why the turkey, then? To explain that, I present exhibit B:

Click here for a larger image.

That’s a flock of turkeys that made our backyard home last fall through the spring. I also have fond memories of furtively watching turkey flocks in a field in my home town in Massachusetts (alliteration not intended).

Anyway, the holiday break was good, overall. The airport wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be (although I forgot about the new carry-on restrictions, and had to throw out a couple liquids). The flight was long and uncomfortable, as usual, but I slept through a decent portion of it. And between the two flights, I was finally able to finish Ender’s Shadow (which I started reading in April or May…I neglected it over the summer, and had to put it down again when school started getting really busy). Man, I love those books so much.

On the flight from Los Angeles to Baltimore, I snapped a few photos of the Rocky Mountains in northern New Mexico or southern Colorado:

Someday I’ll see them from the ground. Someday.

The flight from Baltimore to Manchester had some brief turbulence…but with enough force to cause my tray to move upwards, spilling my drink onto my legs. That was a little frightening.

Thanksgiving was a much needed respite, even if I did eat way too much. Watched four movies: Casino Royale, Joyeux Noël, Lucky Number Slevin, and The Fountain, all of which were quite good.

The flight back to LA was rather early in the morning, so I got to see the sunrise from the plane (albeit indirectly, since my window was facing towards the west.) Anyway, I took this picture shortly after take-off, over somewhere in southern New Hampshire or northern Massachusetts:

It was very foggy in the Northeast that morning. It looked like the hills and mountains were in a sea of fog. Once the sun had come up, we were flying over the Pocanos and farms of Pennsylvania on the way to our stop in Philly. It was a very idyllic sight from up there.

While the weather is perhaps nicer here (it was 25 degrees (-4 C) when I landed in New Hampshire, and 65 degrees (18 C) when I landed in L.A.), it still feels odd to be in California during the holiday season again. I frankly couldn’t imagine Christmas without snow.

Right now, all my focus is on the crapload of work to be done over the next couple weeks, but Christmas vacation is still on the horizon. I also have to start really preparing for Sussex. But rather than complaining about it all, I need to go get to work.

Oh, and my Nintendo Power issue finally arrived. Just in time to torture me more for not having a Wii. Here’s hoping Santa will bring me one.


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