12 of 12 for January 2009

13 Jan

2009 is here, and I’m thoroughly looking forward to the rest of the year. Here’s how January 12th went.


After a very busy past couple of weeks, the 12th was a relatively uneventful day. I snapped this shot of the lake from my window upon waking up. The clouds had just started to move out, giving way to a wonderfully blue sky. As you can tell by comparing this photo to a similar one in December’s 12 of 12, the lake has now frozen over completely.


Since my parents got a new bedspread, Angel has been barred from her normal lounging place — on top of my parents’ bed. While she could choose to lie on a couch or on the carpet, instead she opts for the tile near the bottom of the stairs. It’s actually a strategic choice, since it allows her to watch over several different rooms at once. She’s a smart little girl. And adorable.


After spending a week in Canada, the 20-degree high yesterday seemed balmy in comparison (unfortunately, that Arctic Canadian air is headed our way this week). I took advantage of the nice weather to go for a walk. This is our house under the snow.


On my way up to Sunset Heights, I peered into the forest along the road and eyed this shot. Winter presents a lot of unique photographic opportunities, like the long shadows on the snow here. There’s something really intriguing and inviting about a snowy forest. I’ve been meaning to try out the snowshoes I got for Christmas.


The view of Newfound from the top of the hill. Quite different from what Squamloon photographed back in June.  But equally beautiful.


Lunch. One of Campbell’s new Select Harvest soups, “Light Savory Chicken with Vegetables.” For canned soup, it’s actually pretty good. And only 80 calories.


After lunch, I went out to shovel the snow on the deck. My camera was having battery problems, and as I was examining it, I accidentally snapped this shot of myself. Turned out pretty well, eh? I just love that blue sky.


This one wasn’t accidental. I usually hate the cliché mirror / Myspace shot, but I just liked the lighting in the mudroom. I need to shave, but I’m lazy.


These French magnets were a Christmas gift from several years ago. They’ve been collecting dust in my desk since then, so on Sunday I decided to make some sentences on the fridge. Frustrated by the lack of vocabulary, I resorted to scatalogical humour.


All photographers, amateur or professional, love l’heure bleue. The silhouettes of the trees against the fleeting sun’s light made for a nice composition. Venus was the icing on the cake.


It was only at the end of 24’s 2-day, 4-hour season 7 premiere that I thought to get a photo of the show. It’s blurry, but at least I captured the trademark splitscreen. I think it’ll be hard for 24 to return to the glory of its first few seasons, but I can at least hope that it’ll be better than last season. So far, I’m not particularly intrigued, but I’m sure I’ll keep watching anyway. THOUSANDS OF LIVES ARE AT STAKE!


Wait… I actually had work to do today. I’m in the middle of applying to both graduate schools and summer teaching internships. Unfortunately, I’ve procrastinated quite a bit and will likely have to express mail them this week. My top choice for the summer internship is Philips-Exeter Academy, but I’m also applying to Choate Rosemary Hall, Northfield Mount Hermon School, and Cushing Academy.

My graduate school visits have also helped me form a better idea of which programs I want to go to. I really liked Georgetown, but the statement of purpose I submitted for my application was terrible, so I’m not confident about my chances. Toronto and Ottawa both have the advantage of a 1-year program and generous funding, although they would be quite intense. Toronto has the professor I’d most like to work with, but Ottawa has the whole French thing and more applied ling. And I guess that McGill’s still a possibility…

Well, those are issues I’ll address in future posts. I’m very optimistic about 2009.


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