12 of 12 for March 2009

13 Mar

This is my 6th 12 of 12 so far (half way through a year!)

Getting ready in the morning. I still haven’t really normalized my sleep schedule… I’m still staying up late, sleeping for around 6 hours or so, and taking naps in the afternoon. It makes me feel tired a lot, which is not good. At any rate, I’ve recently been in a hurry most mornings to get ready. The heated towel rack you can see in the mirror makes things a bit easier. Why don’t we have these in the US?

Since I was in a rush to get to my 9am class, I had to grab half a baguette to eat in class for breakfast. After talking about Paris in the year 1900, I hit the faubourg for some 2009 lunch. There’s a tiny little sandwich shop run by Indians that I usually go to; the prices aren’t bad and neither is the food.

I ended up getting a barbecue chicken panini… I know, so American, right? I think I’m just suffering through BBQ Chicken Pizza withdrawl. The delicious Fanta Citron Frappé, however, is uniquely European. I don’t drink soda very often, but I can make an exception for this and root beer. I ate lunch at ACCENT before discussing my French avant-garde literature project with my professor. Resuming a subject studied in my awesome games-centric writing class freshman year, I’m going to work on surrealist games.

On my way out of ACCENT, I spotted this cute little guy. I miss Angel. 😦

After my requisite afternoon map, I headed to the Petit Palais to take a photo of the Monet painting that I’ll be writing a paper on for my art history course. I love having a metro entrance right outside my house. Good ol’ Charonne. (Actually, I wish it was on a more “central” line — I almost always have to change twice to get to the Left Bank. Fortunately I’m close to Nation and République, two major hubs.)

Got off at Concorde on line 8. I liked the contrast between the gold on the obelisk and the grey skies. Generally, the weather has actually been pretty nice for the past couple of weeks.

Aux Champs-Elysées…

Pont Alexandre III near the Petit Palais, with Les Invalides in the background. The two palais and the bridge were all constructed for the Paris World’s Fair in 1900 — which we had discussed earlier that day in class. 🙂 I’m always amazed at how shiny those gold statues are, even on cloudy days.

My Monet painting – Soleil couchant sur la Seine à Lavacourt. It was hard to pick a painting to write about, but when we went to the Petit Palais, this one just struck me. The luminosity and the colours are amazing and impossible to capture with a camera. I’m still not quite sure how I’m going to analyze it, though. My professor suggested to look at it like a musical composition… gee, that helps.

Inside the Petit Palais. Joli, n’est-ce pas ?

There’s an interesting garden in the middle of the Petit Palais with palm trees and other exotic plants. These blossoming trees caught my eye. Spring is definitely arriving in Paris — the high temperature is going to near 60 degrees F this weekend.

A slight change of gears here. After supper, I watched the season premiere of South Park outline. It involved a hilarious storyline about Mickey Mouse’s abusive management of the Jonas Brothers and his avaricious campaign to sell sex to girls. In arguably the best scene of the episode, Mickey beats one of the Jonas Brothers into a bloody pulp whilst dropping the F-bomb. I freaking love this show.


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