12 of 12 for June 2009

14 Jun

Back home in NH. It feels good to be home, even on drizzly, cloudy mornings like this one. Angel is pretty old now but she’s still the same little puppy, and I love her more every day.

After the rain cleared and the sun reappeared, I went outside for some fresh air. Although the weather this week has been kind of crappy, I’ve definitely gotten more sun at home than I did in the previous month in Paris. These daisies, one of the most abundant June wildflowers in NH, are growing in our backyard.

Another typical New Hampshire wildflower that blooms in June, these lupines are opening up in my mom’s garden. My camera has a hard time photographing flowers, so I had to fiddle around with the focus, white balance, and exposure for this result.

My desk. I spent the last week cleaning and organizing my room — this is the most well-organized it’s been in 10 years. It’s amazing what treasures you find when you clean out those old drawers. And you can’t miss the homage to my Paris memories.

Since I’ll be moving to Toronto for graduate school in the fall, I have to apply for a Canadian study permit. My favourite question on the application: “In periods of either peace or war, have you ever been involved in the commission of a war crime or crime against humanity, such as: willful killing, torture, attacks upon, enslavement, starvation or other inhumane acts committed against civilians or prisoners of war; or deportation of civilians?”

We had a big family get-together at our house on the 13th, so I did some vacuuming in preparation.

Madeline somehow managed to finagle her way into her second 12 of 12 in a row. She asked me to go with her to the Plymouth Wal-Mart so we could pick out a GPS to replace the one she lost in Europe.

Snapped this shot at the rotary in Plymouth, looking towards Mt. Stinson. Maybe I’ll hike it again this summer.

We ended up not finding an affordable GPS at Wal-Mart, but we did find some baguettes to alleviate our gastronomical nostalgia. They taste like day-old French bread, but after a few minutes in the oven, they’re decent. We also came across two French-Canadian biker women while looking through the bakery.

Before leaving France, I had promised myself that when I returned home I would get a hot fudge sundae with Reese’s peanut butter cup ice cream at the Big Catch. We headed to the Catch after Wal-Mart and made my dream come true. When the girl was scooping the ice cream, I overheard her say, “Oh my God… there’s like an entire Reese’s in here.” Turns out, there were THREE full, intact peanut butter cups in the sundae, covered by ice cream, hot fudge, and whipped cream. It was amazing.

I didn’t eat dinner that night.

To burn off some of those sundae calories, I walked up to Sunset Heights at sundown. It was pretty, but I think I left before the best part.

Now that Conan’s on at 11:30, I watch him almost every night. It really sucks that he moved out to LA before I got a chance to see his show in New York, but I’m glad that the feel of the show hasn’t changed at all to accommodate a more “mainsteam” audience. There are still a lot of ridiculous bits. I’m just happy that the show has a bigger budget now, so those ridiculous bits are even more elaborate. I love Coco.


One Response to “12 of 12 for June 2009”

  1. Megan 14 June 2009 at 15:04 #

    You’re going to Toronto for grad school? That’s awesome!!!

    And happy graduation btw! Welcome back to the U S of A!

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