12 of 12 for March 2010

1 Apr

Here’s my 12 of 12 from last month!

I had Cheerios for breakfast in my room. The books and papers strewn about all over the place are an appropriate metaphor for my life at the moment.

I did some preliminary acoustic measurements to chart the low vowel system for one of the speakers recorded for my thesis, a 70-year-old man. He has a low front-central vowel in half, distinct from the vowel in trap and identical to the vowel in palm and start. These latter two are in turn much fronter than the vowel in lot. He also retains the distinction between north and force, evidenced by the distance between “horse” and “hoarse.”

For some reason, I’ve always liked this multilingual sign at a pharmacy near my house. English, Portuguese, and Vietnamese. I didn’t want any people in the frame, but when this mysterious hooded character walked into the shot, I decided to keep it.

Only in Canada. One of the moose is ‘wearing’ a Maple Leafs jersey and the other a Blue Jays jersey.

It doesn’t rain as much in Toronto as it does in New England, and in fact this was our first rainy day in a while. The winter weather had long disappeared, giving way to a very early and mild spring.

I had gone out to use the Internet at Second Cup (like a Canadian Starbuck’s), then returned home to hit the books. My favourite of them all is the Atlas of North American English. I’m tempted to just never give it back to the library, but I don’t think I can afford the $600 it would cost to replace it.

This is my great little Casio Exilim, which I used to take all the photos and videos from Europe and the cross-country road trip last summer. Unfortunately, it fell out of its case during the road trip in Grand Junction, Colorado, and was out of service until my parents sent it in for repairs. I got it back at Christmas.

This ominous-looking neo-Gothic buliding sits in the middle of Spadina Crescent, right on the edge of the U of T campus.

Downtown Toronto in the foggy night. I was headed to see Swan Lake at the Four Seasons Centre. I had originally wanted to see Bizet’s Carmen, but the tickets sold out so fast that I had to settle on the ballet. But hey, it’s Tchaikovsky.

The interior of the Four Seasons Centre is pretty spiffy and ultramodern. The illuminated staircase is the best part.

It was incredibly difficult to take a surreptitious photograph during the performance, but I managed to get this semi-visible shot during the final bows. Overall, it was a very cool experience, although it seemed like they made a few edits to the score, which I wasn’t terribly happy about. But the dancing was very impressive and all the costumes were pretty sweet.

On my way home, I walked through Chinatown. I liked how all the brightly-lit signs shone on the wet sidewalks.


One Response to “12 of 12 for March 2010”

  1. 'enry 'iggins 16 April 2010 at 18:08 #

    I know exactly how you feel about the Atlas of North American English. I love it a lot too. But it’s terribly expensive so I always have to look at it in libraries.

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