12 of 12 for April 2010

30 Apr

I was hoping to actually post this in April, but it’s never too late for a 12 of 12.

The 12th was another one of those warm, sunny early spring days that we’ve been blessed with this season. I decided to take advantage of the weather by going to High Park via subway. Although Toronto’s subway system is fairly limited, I like the fact that the cars are not usually very crowded (at least compared to many other major cities). I can’t say the same for streetcars.

I found a good place to get away from it all – High Park is pretty big. After walking through the woods for a while, I needed some energy. The hot dog stand provided.

High Park runs right up to the edge of Lake Ontario. This Great Lake was looking splendidly blue on the 12th.

This pond surrounded by weeping willows and forsythia bushes made for a nice scene.

I’m not sure what these flowers are called, but they made an impressive carpet in the Hillside Gardens. It’s a very nicely designed section of the park, and I owe it to myself to go back soon, since I’m sure there are a lot more flowers in bloom now.

This giant maple leaf lies on the edge of the Hillside Gardens. Apparently they plant red flowers in it later in the season. How patriotic!

The sun was at just the right angle on these forsythia bushes to make them brilliantly aglow. Unfortunately, the brightness washed out some of the detail, but I really like the colours nonetheless.

I had gone to the park in the hopes that these Japanese cherry blossoms would already be in bloom, but I was too early. Ironically, I discovered the next day that U of T had some comparably beautiful (but small) blossoming trees on campus. I should’ve stayed there instead!

One of the highlights of High Park was all the dogs. This particular section of the park, aptly titled “Dog Hill,” was a fun place to sit and watch the canines play.

On my way home from High Park, I stopped at the nearest supermarket to my house, which is right off the subway line. It’s a 20 minute walk from my place, and I didn’t feel like coming back later. I filled my basket (shown here), and I was already waiting in line at the register when I realized I hadn’t brought my wallet with me. S***. I wasn’t in the mood to put all my stuff back on the shelves. I took this picture when I abandoned my basket.

The trees in the city were actually greener and blossoming earlier than those in the park. I liked the colours and lighting in this shot.

I believe this statement is painted on some kind of afterschool recreation centre, but I liked the juxtaposition with the CN Tower. I don’t necessarily agree with the implication, but it was too hard to resist with Toronto’s most iconic structure.


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