12 of 12 for January 2011

18 Jan


The 12th was a relatively uneventful and typical (half) workday. This was the view from one of the streets near my house in the morning, the mountainsides illuminated by the legendary lumière du Sud.


Since the bus schedule is a bit sporadic and the arrival times unreliable, I walked the first leg of my commute, about 20 minutes. This house further down the road with a big yard almost makes Toulon look like the countryside. The peak on the far right is Le Coudon, the name of my high school.


On Wednesday morning I work with two BTS classes, post-graduate students who take courses in a specialized area (for my students, it’s import/export). They had to listen to a recording of a news report about the effect of increased free trade in Southeast Asia, specifically China’s ability to outcompete other nations and draw their labour force away. It was a difficult assignment for them.


French high school students usually only have Wednesday classes in the morning, as the afternoon is reserved for sports or other extra-curricular activities. This means that I get to go home at lunchtime. I re-photographed the day’s first picture in a later light.


Since it was such a beautiful and warm day (after two months of subpar weather), I decided to walk to the beach and meet up with some other assistants. This is the view about 20 minutes on foot from my house.


Quelle belle couleur…


My roommate Adam and fellow assistant Alice joined me on the beach. Here they’re staring pensively towards the old fort.


In the evening, I went to my first tutoring gig, near this house in my neighbourhood (behind a couple of gates). I’m tutoring two teenage girls who have a fairly low level of English and who are extremely shy, not that I can blame them. I’m hoping that next time I’ll be able to engage them a bit more. At any rate, it’s extra money in my pocket.


I returned home for a relaxed dinner in the tiny kitchen / dining room / living room / laundry room. With the obligatory baguette.


Adam found some unused hot chocolate mix in the cupboard, which was rich and delicious.


In order to make my miniscule bedroom less resemble a prison cell, I’ve decorated the walls with maps I’ve collected since I arrived. Here you see Corsica, Ornans, Lille, Franche-Comté, Bruges, Dijon, and Lyon.


To prepare for the next day’s classes, I did some research on Australian English in order to quiz the students. My favourite was “shark biscuit” – someone new to surfing.


One Response to “12 of 12 for January 2011”

  1. Alice 2 February 2011 at 13:15 #

    I did not notice you taking a picture!

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