12 of 12 for February 2011

16 Feb


I began this Saturday the 12th with a walk to the bus stop, on my way to rendezvous with another assistant.


Our destination was Bandol, an upscale seaside town to the west of Toulon. When we arrived, the market was in full swing, including this enticing assortment of cheeses.


I captured this typically French scene at a café in Bandol’s pleasant Place de la Liberté.


Pastel Provençal colours abound on the side streets.


Another shot of the market as the sun started to come out.


On the western edge of town we stumbled upon the Plage de Rènecros, a circular beach with bright blue water.


Fellow assistant Alice payed homage to the scene by making some very nice watercolours.


I’m not exactly sure what these are, but I’m guessing some kind of jellyfish.


Another of Alice’s oeuvres.


Waiting for the train back to Toulon.


Later that evening, I met up with another assistant and her French friend to see The King’s Speech (poster on the far right) in version originale (non-dubbed). A very good film indeed.


After the movie, my friends and I headed across the street to Mezzo, a fast food pasta place that I’d never been to before. A bit more pricey than I’d expect, but a very tasty way to end the day.


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