12 of 12 for March 2011

16 Mar


This 12th was a particularly lazy day. By the time I got out of bed, it was already lunch time. So I eschewed baguettes and croissants for a tasty ham and gouda panini made with our panini maker. With a side of Colbert.


This photo was taken at nearly 4 in the afternoon; my roommate and his girlfriend, a Spanish assistant from Colombia who also works in our académie, were still in their pajamas, working on spring vacation plans.


My somewhat cluttered room has been adorned with even more maps from my Italian voyage.


The reason we stayed inside most of the day was the unpleasant weather; for the past week we’ve had unseasonably chilly, rainy, and very windy weather. This is the backyard at our house under grey skies.


In the evening, we took a bus into town on our way to another assistant’s apartment for dinner and a get-together.


Assistants and the apéritif.


Tayson’s tasty fried rice with Chinese sausage. We gobbled this up pretty fast.


And a delicious tapioca pudding with banana for dessert.


Alice shows off her scarf.


Jorge reenacts an anecdote involving his French flatmate and a joke about white flags.


The beautiful fountain at Place de la Liberté (notice the similarity to the Statue of Liberty?) on our way to the bus stop.


Sam, one of the British assistants, lounges with natural class as we ride the night bus back home.


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